Compression - 2014

What really created meaning for me in this work was the fact that it was exceptionally interactive in many ways. The negative spaces between the structures allowed one to enter the artwork from different angles as well as forming a complex range of lines, angles and textures once inside the central area. A truly engaging piece!
Photographs by Amber Rathbone
People could write on the structure with their own markers or paints as well as being able to pick up fresh coals from the fire to express their feelings - which greatly encouraged the ongoing involvement with the artwork once entering it... Another new and highly effective element this year was the burning fire within the space. The burning flame gave people a living feature to gather around and interact with each other and it also made interesting light and shadows each night which danced on the angled surfaces. Three of the larger structures had small openings near the base so that children as well as adults could climb into them. This gave another more intimate space in which to gather and experience the piece from an entirley different perspective. My favourite part of this piece was after the actual burning of the structures. What I found quite profound was when the main structures had fallen, people began collecting the half burnt pieces and adding them back into the flames all around the site making a long and continous burn that evolved and continued through the night. The next day all that was left was the steel base brackets and the central fire which then had it's own "afterburn" form.

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