This is a process im working on that I have found to be really effective in my own health and wellness, so im developing it into a method that can be applied in pretty much any situation.

The idea behind this comes from research that shows how our bodies cells all break down completely and then build up again in a matter of weeks. The main thing that keeps you generally in the same form is memory! Cellular memory re-writes a blueprint for those cells with every cycle and the new cell becomes what the old one remembers.

Luckily, with the right kind of practice we can fine tune our memories because they are based on our perceptions of the world. With the right kind of body work, meditation and most importantly, memory tuning. We can sustain our bodies health from the inside with minimal decay signals, leading to a better life overall.

So what is memory tuning? It's a method to add to any existing work your'e doing with your body, mind, emotions such as yoga, meditation, trauma therapy. Anything really..

The basic concept is that when you're in a state of higher frequency through one of these practices, you then focus your attention on the body as a whole, feeling the muscles, organs.. bloodflow moving within you. When you have a strong concious awareness of your whole being you can then begin with the memory tuning.

In this place of full body awareness, you simply run through the past day, the past week or month in your mind.. and at the same time you "watch" and "listen" to how your body reacts to these memories. When you come across something that is particularly uncomfortable or stressful, then relax your body, breath.. and "tune" this memory by then remembering all the beautiful and enjoyable things that happened during that time or before. Take those good feelings you felt and mix them into the more distressing feelings. Feel love for all of these situations and feel that wash over and through your body.

Through regular practice you can see for yourself the benefits of doing something like this.. It can be used to gently ease off addictions, reduce destructive stress, help with emotional trauma and any number of imbalances.

More on this another time..

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