The way I see it, in order for technology to really be useful instead of a hindrance in our lives, we need to keep it current and as automated as possible. Often our tech can be a bit "time wasting" and frustrating so the answer in my mind is to keep as current as possible with the new technologies that are coming out, even before they come out.. 

New computing and software technologies like virtualization and cloud for example make life so much better because they reduce cost, allow faster growth while being more convenient and my favourite one is the fact that more up to date systems reduce the amount of hardware required to do the job which is better for the environment overall.

Of course im still waiting for the day we realize we can just plug straight into the earth and do all of this stuff directly without wires, circuits boards, and radio transmissions :) hehe, who knows what the future holds.

My oldest brother's company 3sixOH is the answer if you have a medium to large computer infrastructure that you rely on and need to have it managed more efficiently with cutting edge technologies like Virtualization, Cloud, Storage etc. More than 40 years combined in the industry, these guys really know what they're doing when it comes to IT systems. Here's his site