Chris is a phenomenal pianist. We went to listen to him this weekend playing Chopin. Amazing!


This is the latest, cheekiest business I'm getting myself wrapped up in. Not much to say here, the page says it all..

My friend Subhas is heading up a project for next years Afrika-Burn to build a compressed air driven vehicle. This is a little proto-type kit I helped build the other day. Watch this space! It will be awesome.

Ernst has been developing his photography craft for many years and does some incredible wildlife images as well as other subjects. He has been a good friend of mine since high school and we've done a variety creative work together over the years. See some of his best work here on Flickr.

You can purchase some of his stock images here.

Carin is an extremely prolific artist working mainly in the Psychadelic genre, creating decor for large festivals. She and her team are booked year round for international festivals across the globe and her work is absolutely mind blowing. I've helped out on a few projects over the years and she is a good friend who I have great respect for. Take a look at some of the decor and fine art she does here..

This album includes all original songs inspired by past travels and people I've crossed paths with over the years. It's dedicated to all of those lovely souls and especially those who live their lives without borders. Here's to you nomads!

You can purchase the full album here:


Wolf has been sculpting with found objects and other unique materials since the mid-nineties. His work is alive with character and each piece has a detailed story to tell. He create's outstanding "Other worldly" installations for businesses and private commissions. We have been friends since school days and always had a vibrant friendship in art. He can be contacted by email at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The LAVA app is a culmination of many years of conceptualizing to build a system that makes collaboration on projects very easy, efficient and fun!

At the moment it's in a prototyping phase and sometime soon i'll be releasing the first workable version.

It's not live yet and is purposely limited in functionality but here's a sneak preview of what's to come..


Errol is a conservationist, avid bird-watcher and a seasoned photographer. His work shows the tranquility and passion that the photographic medium brings to his creativity. Being my older brother, he's also one of my greatest mentors, having encouraged me to persue my art and music through-out my life.

Check out his image gallery Here.

Simon is a wildlife and land art sculptor of note! His works in wood, found materials and now bronze are deeply moving and have an ethereal yet powerful presence reflecting his intimate connection and understanding of nature.

I have worked with Simon on a number of his projects over the years including three large structural pieces that he conceived for the annual Afrika Burn event in South Africa. He is a great friend, an exceptional artist and an outstanding human being!

The Bootleggers are a real treat if you enjoy blues music. Their solid stage presence and quality performance makes for superb entertainment over dinner or for a fun night out. See their upcoming gigs and further info here on their website.


I created this Oil to mark the end of an age... The inevitable turning of the tides... and riding the wave of progress and evolution. It is dedicated to those who we may not see any longer and to those who have past on. It symbolises the completion of cycles. We will all meet again. The ocean moves as one.