I filmed this in 2011 for the friends I made along the way while on tour and only got a chance to finish it now!

(With some new music added in too ☺ )


The Grahamstown festival is an amazing 10 day festival that envelopes the town of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape every June. It is South Africa's premiere National Arts Festival and showcases some of the countries top theatre, music and art talent.

I went and played some music there in on the fringe festival. What a great experience and lot's of awesome street busking with Juan Pierre and Brennan Lucas!

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The Fish River Canyon is one of the most incredible places iv'e ever set foot! 80 km's, 5 days with full supplies through the most astounding rock formations and out of this world scenery, it was an experience never to be forgotten and I highly recommend it if your'e feeling adventurous! 



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