When it comes to robots I like finding inspiration in the junk lying around! It helps to recycle this kind of waste and it's really amazing what you find inside old appliances and toys that could lead to your next greatest invention!

In this video im playing around with a DC motor and the idea of making a hover craft... Or maybe an engine for another kind of flying robot...! 

One day soon..

These are projects that are in conceptual stages.

These are a few of my favourite video's that Iv'e either edited, filmed, or had some involvement in publishing on the web for people over the years.


"What's going on Ivan?" Well that's a pretty open ended question Facebook but thanks for asking anyway!

One thing Iv'e learned over the last year or two is that video on the web is probably the most powerful medium to create awareness that there is. While traditional (TV) style adverts are useful and can be strategically placed on social networks to good effect, there is another way of using video that is far more powerful. This is the power of third party promotion!

Third party promotion is when somebody else, an outsider to your project or business creates a video that promotes you and they share it with their network. Youtube gives us a great advantage here because not only does this promoter's network see the video but also anyone else who picks it from a list of related videos (which can be millions of people). This method is used by many businesses and individuals such as musicians etc. where the fans of that personality or particular brand actually promote more than anything else. This is a very potent form of word of mouth!

This video can be shared, posted, re-posted and spread all over the web and because it is from a third person perspective the public are naturally more inclined to listen to his or her perspective without feeling like someone is trying to sell them something... That's why this is a far more powerful way to build a reputation on the web. By using third party Youtube Promoters you can build up a long lasting and and much deeper public awareness of your business, project or personality. All it takes is a few months to kickstart an audience on youtube and those small clips can be shared around for a long time to come!

If you would like to book myself or my Youtube Promoter friends to to come in and get your message out in a fun and interesting way, then fill out the simple form below and we'll send you a cost estimate as soon as possible!

It's about time I did an upgrade to my blog from joomla 1.5 to 2.5 and I thought it would be a relatively easy exercise considering that Joomla 2.5 is smoothly running and amazing. Turns out it's not easy at all! All the free components I tried either did not work or just wasted my time with stupid settings and such. Oh well, woe is me.

So after trying a manual content migration of all my database tables - still no luck - that's when I decided to do a brand new install of Joomla 3.0! It's as slick as a superbike's rear end on race day and as smooth as those silk sheets Iv'e been dreaming about! So my plan is to get it all up and running with a fresh coat of pixels and then slowly bring my older posts and media over bit by bit.. That's unless I find the holy grail of joomla upgraders.. Can't understand why no-one has sorted this one out, I mean we can't manually upgrade all the old 1.5 versions. Oh well, enough complaining. Im very happy with my new 3.0 and this marks the start of a whole new episode for onlineivan.com!

Social Media Tips:


When you get an interaction going with people on the internet you need to feed the conversation! Or just start a private conversation to find out more about their problem. This kind of interactive market research is the best way to build up a real audience / community.

The Basics:

  • Write a paragraph about who, what you are that describes you and your purpose here in cyberspace. At least 50 words. (This can be used as the site's meta description.)
  • Write keywords that describe everything you are. (think about what other people will think of in order to find your site.)
  • Write some keywords of categories that your website would fall under.
  • Use all of those keywords in your metatags and most importantly use them throughout the content of your site.
  • Links: Use plenty of links from your pages to other areas of interest that are relevant to your content. Think about what other websites will be useful to people who are looking at your site.
  • Also contact those other website owners and ask them to do you the same favor by adding your link to their links area..
  • Publicize your website in the real world too! On your personal cards, on your real world brochures, on your car, on your signage. Anywhere where you can show your web address to people in the real world. Do it. You won't be sorry.
  • Have promotions, free gifts for your visitors, special offers etc. That will entice people to visit your site again and tell their friends about it. Be creative and give as much value to people as you can. The golden rule is that no-one will visit your site unless it is valuable to them.

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