nowSway is my new music outlet. The aim is to write songs, record and perform them -  expressing the beauty of nature, human trajectory and love.


Today I released the first Nowsway album. It's a new experimentation Iv'e made with some songs and it's now available for download.


I had this old lump of clay hidden away in the shed so I took it out today and carved it up. This style would look really interesting as a large sculpture one day! When there is a place with readily availabe materials ill do something like it again!





Late at night, sitting in the starlight, hand are cold no-one too near

She can wait and wonders how late smiling faces appear

Not long after the revolution, bodies been beaten and the heart is thin 

Wrap yourself in silence (where the world is still) 

Pilgirms come knocking, bide your time until you


These Ends, These Ends

Douwes Arts is a website project that im building to document our family creativities. at 

the moment there are some of my Grandfather's work on there so have look! There are some beautiful pieces.



Idea for a light installation in a forest at night...

I joined Simon for one of his sculpting missions in Plettenberg bay last week, good to be out on the cliffs facing the elements a bit! That always wakes me up nicely!

We did a rock sculpture right on the cliff's edge and another by arranging whales bones in a standing sequence that lead through a corridor to the sea.. It was magical working with the local Grikwa people and getting to see this hidden corner of the world again from a new perspective, looking forward to visiting again!


I painted this in the autumn of 2003 from my balcony overlooking the valley. Sweet memories..!

This Project is a purely guitar focused in an improvised style that I recorded directly with no before thought. Very loose, rythmic riffs and subtle melodies expressing the sense of space and perspective we feel when looking into the night sky.

Natural Construction is an improvised twelve string acoustic album. It was inspired by being under the stars for 12 nights while building artwork at Afrika Burn 2013

released 08 May 2013 
music -
Cover shot on location in Tankwa Town. Building the Compression with Simon Max Bannister 2013 -
Photograph by Amber Rathbone



Coming Soon..!! - Im working on the first album of this project and I will release it this year! Please feel free to donate so I can complete recording, then I will send you the album when it's done.

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