The most amazing bar in Cape Town. Hands down.

If your'e looking for a top-class health/raw/vegan restaurant near Johannesburg then head straight for Leafy Greens. They serve fresh Vegan friendly food with a large portion of that grown right there on the property. There is also a health shop connected to the restaurant and besides the incredibly delicious food, the general atmosphere is perfect for a countryside breakfast or romantic lunch. Visit their website for opening times and further details.

Yes, that really is the view. You can sit right here on a Sunday afternoon drinking a cocktail and listening to some of Cape Towns finest live music looking at that scene. Need I say more?


Triggerfish brewery is situated in Somerset West and is a seriously cool place to visit if you are looking for craft beer tasting. The brewery has a full menu of in-house beers as well as a restaurant to satisfy your weekend social adventure. Take your friends, there is plenty of space to hang out and enjoy the fresh air as well as the fresh beer. You won't regret it! They also host music evenings sometimes during the week, so ask at the bar and find out what's up and coming. I played here one night and it was great! Good crowd and happy times all round.