Enfieldtours.co.za will take you on an unforgettable adventure across the cape peninsula, through the magical Simon's Town, Cape Point Nature reserve and many other beautiful spots including the enigmatic Chapmans Peak drive. It's a must if you have a bike license. The best way by far to experience this landscape.

The Fish River Canyon is one of the most incredible places I've ever set foot! 80 km's long, 5 days with full supplies through the most astounding rock formations and out of this world scenery, it was an experience never to be forgotten and I highly recommend it if your'e feeling adventurous! The hike begins upstream, north of Ai Ais in southern Namibia and winds down the canyon all the way to it's end at the Ai Ais Resort.




wondercavesIv'e always loved the wonder caves! it's awesome. It's about 60 meter's deep to the bottom and has a bulging roof that towers up into darkness - it's huge inside. The third largest cave chamber in South Africa really something to experience if you haven't!

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A guide takes you down a steep 45 degree stairway below the surface that seems like forever and then down in a lift another 22 meter's. There are beautiful rock formations inside that will blow your mind clear and serene. And this is right outside Johannesburg! How's that.

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